P.U.R.S.E. Foundation Inc. addresses the questions “What Are You Carrying?”  As an organization, we know there are women who carry many things in which directly affect their children and in our efforts to help, the P.U.R.S.E. Foundation goal is to be a voice for the voiceless and an outlet.  One of the ways we impact the lives of women and children is being a constant face at shelters and within the community provided much needed support of meals, clothing and giving hope. 

Often teens who have or are experiencing abuse from a dating partner goes unreported, simply because some teens may view hitting or jealousy as a form a love. Teen Dating Violence awareness & prevention education is needed to see a decline in domestic violence rates or it will continue to be a never-ending cycle. Throughout our work with young people we have learned from our survey results some teens were not aware the behavior they exuded towards their dating partner was considered dating violence.  

Our surveys also indicated young girls do not feel as good about themselves, when challenged to write down nice things anyone has said to them they found it to be a struggle, but when asked to write down mean things that were said to them, these young girls were able to produce more bad than good.  As an organization, P.U.R.S.E. Foundation covers an array of social issues to correct the misperceptions about love and continue to be a resource to educate, encourage and empower.

P.U.R.S.E. Foundation ensure we stay connected to the growing trends of community needs by building key relationship with shelters direct staff, school administrators and conduct surveys for all presentations to ensure the programs we offer are intuitive and necessary. Our goal is to teach encourage and empower women who have been in involved in a domestic violence situation and educate students to help lessen the chances of them becoming a victim of abuse as an adult. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) revealed 13 percent of females and 7.4 percent of males in high school experienced physical dating violence one or more times during the course of a year.
Teen Dating Violence is on the rise and is therefore; P.U.R.S.E. goal is to continue to stay connected to schools, centers and shelters attended by children to ensure we are providing early education workshops on the social issue of Teen Dating Violence and providing resources.

After a spate of bad luck, 19-year-old Darren Baker, convinced his girlfriend, Kirsty Mortimer, that they should die together. Kirsty Mortimer survived a suicide train pact which killed her boyfriend Darren Baker.

D’Angelique, a 12-year-old, was repeatedly punched by her 14 year old boyfriend.

Samara Jones, (18) was shot and killed by her boyfriend after an argument.

Demi Cuccia, was 16- years- old when she was stabbed and killed by her boyfriend.

A football player and his wife were charged in the death of his ex-girlfriend, Marisha Jeter.

Allison Myrick, 19 years old, was found stabbed to death. Her former boyfriend, 19-year-old Robert Gulla, was charged with her murder.