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P.U.R.S.E. Foundation Program & Community Service Events:

Teen Dating Violence Workshops

P.U.R.S.E. Foundation Inc., teen dating violence workshops serve as a preventable measure to decrease the chances of youth being subjected to abuse by their dating partner. Teens learn warning signs and red flags of what a possible abusive dating partner looks like.

E3 (Educate, Encourage & Empower) Event

The E3 program is an impactful all day school event comprised of several life-learning sessions designed to educate, encourage and empower students as they hear from a group of dynamic speakers on various topics such as teen dating violence, anti-bullying, self-esteem, financial literacy, fashion & entrepreneurship.

Community Shelter Outreach

P.U.R.S.E. Foundation Inc., hosts quarterly community outreach events serving families residing in shelters with food, clothes, toys and hygiene products.